Saturday, October 3, 2009

A day of fun!

Chase letting his sister get a closer look!
She has such awesome brothers! They help her all the time!

Love it!

She, of course, was too scared to take a picture with Mickey and Minnie by herself, but she LOVES them! Her favorite show!

That is PURE excitement and joy!!!

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?????

Chase is the only red uniform admist the black. His only "tackle" play he got to be a part of!
Olivia cheered for him the whole time and she watched the game. I was so proud of her...he could hear her yell, "GOOO CHASE" too!! SO funny!

Look at our baby!!! He looks so natural!

There he is, #81!

His first huddle!!! Can't believe he finally gets to play!! HE was sooo excited!

Oh my!!!

The last day of spirit week was spirit day! Cam wanted me to make him a shirt, so I did the best I could, and then they sprayed their hair...crazy ppl!!
He thinks he's so cool!! HAHA

THe ONLY thing fuddy dud participated in!! He's so silly!!!

Our BEAUTIFUL little princess!

This one is blurry, Zack did a great job trying to get as many good ones as he could, but I had to put this one on there because she's showing the judges the back of her dress and making it flair out...sooo cute
This one is really awesome..not only is it a great pic and she's beautiful...look at Anthony on the side! I just love this!!!

Walking out on stage all by herself! I bribed her with gum, but she did it and we were so proud of her!!

AHHHHH SO beautiful!

Our silly little girl...loves to make picture taking hard!!!

BTW..she didn't win anything again this year, but she won the hearts of those who already love her again and others who just thought she was beautiful! We know she's beautiful, we don't need judges to tell us or reward her...we all just know. But the experience is great for her and we aren't gonna stop being in them, unless she don't like them when she's older! It's just fun and we like to show everyone how beautiful she is!!!

A day at the park with grandparents/Labor Day

Just us!! Me and my man!!! :)
Nana and Papaw (Anthony's parents)

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this picture! Look at how blessed we are! They are all sooo beautiful!!!

I like this one of the three of them! Sooo cute!

Grandparents and their grandkids!

A day of firsts!!

Olivia's first BIG bo-bo! she fell out of the door onto the concrete! I didn't notice the bump bc she said she hurt her foot! Then someone asked what happened and I thought they were talking about how bad she was crying and when I looked to wipe her tears I saw it!!! AAHHHH So, it turned purple, and was swollen for a while, but it is all ok now! :) Poor baby girl!
First time all 3 of my boys are in the youth group! Really?? I can't believe it!

SO sweet!

Olivia's first day in a class and not the nursery!

She had a great time! I was so proud of her!!!

Silly/BIG Toby!

This was originally Olivia's time-out chair, but Toby has taken over it....He won't be able to sit in it for much longer, but really enjoys it right now! Yes, that is a doll he is chewing on..Olivia said it was ok! :)
Toby LOVES to sit with me!! Here, he is upset because I told him no!!! HAHAHA

He's sooo cute! I just love him! He's getting big tho, but that's ok..we wanted a big dog!